Emily Higham is a Jewellery designer and maker, recently graduated from Edinburgh College of Art. With a love of colour and surface pattern, Emily uses the technique and process of enamelling to translate these elements onto metal, creating aesthetical, organic and characteristic jewellery pieces.


'Beehives and the beautiful gradient colours of honey and honeycomb inspired my current jewellery collection. I take inspiration from the rectangular shapes of beehive boxes and the layers they are built upon, stacked in a neat uniform line above each other, contrasted with the organic unpredictability of how the honeycomb itself grows and forms around the frames within the hive boxes. These layers are then translated into formed metal and enamel. Resembling the layers built up within beehive boxes, both within the outside of the box and the rectangular slots hidden inside, the enamelling process itself is mainly about layering. One layer of enamel is fired on top of another, thus the process goes on. The process of enamelling allows me to build up gradient layers of colours, marks and surface patterns which are then removed, scratched back and stacked up to reveal a collection of unpredictable marks and varied assortments of colour.'

'My Jewellery aims to portray the beautiful colours and the aesthetical, fragile and organic quality beehives and honeycomb hold, whilst still resembling the structural shapes found within hives.'



2018 Selected for Goldsmiths' Company Getting Started Business Course

2017 Guild of Enamellers Bursary Award Winner



Craft and Design Magazine November/December 2016 Issue 248

Craft and Design Magazine January/February 2017 Issue 249

Live Ribble Valley Magazine, Issue 88